Mortgage life Insurance

Four reasons Dominion Lending Centres sells more insurance than
any other mortgage company in Canada:
  1. It’s the fastest way to get a raise!
    The average policy accepted by your client will pay you $800 in up-front compensation! ON TOP OF their standard mortgage commission. What percentage of your clients opted for mortgage life insurance last year?
  2. If you don’t sell MPP, the lender often will! If you don’t make the Mortgage Protection sale, the lender is more than happy to take this business from you! Your clients either get signed up right at the branch or the lender will send out the document to the lawyer so they can present the life insurance “one last time”. In that moment, clients will often say yes. To make matters worse, all lenders offer non-portable insurance products as a deliberate retention strategy to keep your clients locked down to them for life. Earn thousands of dollars per month on top of your standard mortgage commission! You’re sitting on a gold mine, don’t let someone else mine your gold!
    MPP has a long, successful track record of paying claims as a result of their up-front medical underwriting practice. Clients can apply for coverage and leave the medical questions blank. MPP will contact clients to schedule a Tele-Interview for medical underwriting. If your client has health issues or other health-related concerns, MPP will still offer some form of Life and Disability insurance to everyone who applies.
  4. MPP indemnifies you!
    As a licensed mortgage professional, you have a fiduciary duty to make sure an offer of insurance was made available to your clients. If clients find themselves in a desperate situation and they don’t have the coverage when they need it, they will often sue their mortgage professional for not properly offering the protection.

    If you’re sued by a client and you consistently offer MPP insurance on every live deal, MPP will handle all legal action on your behalf and pay for all costs. You’re indemnified by Manulife Financial which is a huge protection that no other insurance provider in Canada offers to mortgage professionals.