“Coming from the banking world, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of support I received from day one. Everyone at head office was eager to help, and make our transition into the DLC family extremely easy. The top level management is comprised of passionate individuals with a clear-cut vision for success and growth. DLC’s consumer brand recognition and reputation is unmatched in the industry, and continues to grow daily. It is an absolute honour to be a part of such a great organization. Joining DLC has proven to be a fantastic decision for the growth of my business.”

Sunny Vig

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Force, Alberta

“Canadian Mortgage Experts has had great success since it’s inception as DLC Canadian Mortgage Experts in 2011, this success is in no small part due to being part of Dominion Lending Centres. Dominion has constantly been at our side helping us grow our team, develop better technology & Education for our Brokers and has also given massive support to our Management team as we grew. Our people are what make us successful, and every one of them would agree that they are better by having Dominion in their corner. Being part of DLC has been an integral part of our story and will
continue to be going forward.”

Michael Lloyd

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Canadian Mortgage Experts , British Columbia

“We joined Dominion Lending Centres in April 2009. At that time we had approx. 20 licensed agents and we were producing around $200 million in volume. We were Mortgage Intelligence’s top Ontario team 3 years running. We are currently at 75+ licensed agents and projecting $850 million for 2015. We have been fortunate to attract several top quality, high producing teams along with numerous individuals. One of the main reasons we chose Dominion Lending Centres was the vision of Gary Mauris & Chris Kayat. They have done nothing but reaffirm all they said they would do and more. Their national branding is way ahead of where we thought it would be. Their intranet tools, ongoing training and support from people like Chad Gregory have done nothing but confirm we made the right choice when we made our move.”

Gary Meger

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres , Ontario

“If you’re going to be “in the game” as a Mortgage Broker, then you may as well play on the best team! Dominion Lending Centres has branded itself so well that it makes my job, as a Franchise Owner, so much easier. Our brand is easily
recognizable and trusted by consumers. Although DLC has established itself as the largest Mortgage Brokerage company in Canada, any individual from Head Office is only a phone call or e-mail away. For such a large organization, it really feels like a very tight-knit group. Everyone I’ve ever met from this company has shown a great sense of pride to be a member of the DLC team!”

Jeff Parsons

Mortgage Professional /Owne

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Shop, Newfoundland

Mark Eade

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Eade Mortgages , Ontario

Dave Trithart

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres 1st Financial Link, Alberta

Collin Bruce

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Mentors , Alberta

“The Dominion Lending Centres branding campaign in general has made a huge impact for our franchise in a number of areas. Increased awareness, recognition, and trust have led to more mortgage business for our associates. The branding has also made a huge impact on our ability to recruit associates. In regards to the Don Cherry campaign, we have noticed a huge difference in our office call-ins since the campaign began. We are generating leads directly related to Don Cherry. We are on pace to get over 100 leads this year that can only be explained by Dominion Lending Centres branding.
Our office has embraced the Don Cherry campaign by promoting Don Cherry everywhere. This year over 70% of our associates are on track for their best year ever. Our clients relate us with Don Cherry and believe we are the best, the biggest, and the most recognized mortgage brokerage in our area. They see our company as permanent, legitimate, and competent due to our professional brand. Thank you Dominion head office. The Don Cherry campaign has been just one of many advantages you offer!”

Jim Black

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Excellence

“Unlike most brokers or agents, I came from a firm (Assured Mortgage Services) where I was a partner and earning 100% of all commissions payable with the exception of a $50 file fee. Therefore, in order for me to pay a 5% royalty on every dollar earned within my brokerage, I needed to see a value proposition that merited such. I found this match with Dominion Lending Centres. I chose to join Dominion for several reasons, including: top notch leadership from Gary and Chris (I told Gary five years ago when I first met him that if I owned a football team, he would be my quarterback); Autopilot Media – a system that works efficiently to allow me to market to a database that for the most part was being neglected; brand recognition (with my first storefront location on Avenue Road in Toronto, I needed a logo behind me that people may recognize. I am not ignorant to the fact that creating true brand recognition will take years to accomplish, but if any mortgage brokerage will accomplish this it will be Dominion!); and the support I have received to date has been exceptional. I’m extremely pleased with my decision and looking forward to building a small, yet high-volume, brokerage comprised of like-minded professionals.”

Peter Puzzo

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Top Producers , Ontario

Elie Melki

Mortgage Professional /Owner

Dominion Lending Centres Centre Ouest, Quebec